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22-April -2016
OBs Meeting at Centenary Park
OBs Retreat
Career guidance weekend by OBs

In 1958, the school had the following Houses:
Dallimore  - (named after the District Comminssioner)
Mudanye  - (Chief judge Bukedi District)
Otim  -  (Treasurer Bukedi District)
Kirya  - (Secretary General Bukedi District). This later changed and on 5th May, 1966, dormitories were renamed as Mudanye, Kirya, Ochieng and Cohen.

Currently we have 7 dormitories name as;
Vuba  - (Volunteers of Uganda, Britain and America).
Cohen  - Former Governor of Uganda.
Mugoya   -  Former Head teacher.
Uganda  - Our Nation.

By 1967, the school had 11 members of the Teaching staff and 19 Group Employees notable among the Group employees is Mr. E.H. Waggi (Ozzo) who was washing plates. Mr. Waggi started with the school and is here today to be recognized as the oldest staff member.
The school originally started with 30 acres of land a big part having been donated by Mr. Tito Mudanye and later acquired more 120 acres in 1980. I therefore wish to recognize the following distinguished Ugandans for their vision for this non-denomination school.
Mr. Kirya Joshua   -  Secretary General Bukedi District.
Mr. Tito Mudanye  -  Chief Judge (Bukedi District), first African Mayor of Mbale.
Mr. Yafesi Otim  -  Treasurer Bukedi District.
Mr. Ochieng   -  Former Saza Chief/Assistant Secretary General.

The ideology of these gentlemen has made this school a monument of Bukedi. It is the remaining symbol of unity in Bukedi.
In 1969, the school received the 1st IDA grant and more infrastructures were put in place. Thanks to the Ministry of Education and the Government of Uganda. These buildings were put in place to cater for “O” level status but without any additional infrastructure up to today. This has curtailed ‘A’ level development. ‘A’ level was under the leadership of Mr. Olupot Okui Olinga now Vice Chairman Education Service Commission.

Most of the ‘O’ level products for the school were all – made ready material for well developed schools like Kings College Budo, St. Mary’s Kisubi, Busoga College Mwiri, Namilyango to mention but a few. This progress jeopardized the factor development of ‘A’ level. However, by 1980s, the school started to decline as was experienced in the 1984 and 1994 strikes that caused heavy destruction to some school plant and records.

In some sections, the school received a bad public label. It became poorly packaged and the enrolment was adversely affected.  Many parents and old boys lost identity to it. We have however left the cross-road and are prepared to catapult into the more sizeable better blending of school’s image; the very reason you are here for the Golden Jubilee. I would like to thank the able main stream leadership of the Ministry of Education and Sports; Hon. Geraldine Namirembe Bitamazire, the Ministers of State for Education and Sports and the entire staff of the Ministry for the wise option of making this school a centre of Excellence by allocating a lot of finances for rehabilitation. I am ably humbled to inform the general gathering today that by the year 2011 this school will Shine. Come back in the year 2011 and you will believe, cherish and market the values of the Ministry of Education and Sports in this country. I do recognize and thank the Ministry staff for the good gesture.


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