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22-April -2016
OBs Meeting at Centenary Park
OBs Retreat
Career guidance weekend by OBs

Message from the Headmaster


Head Master Mr. Okello Denis
On 1st March 2014 , I was officially posted to Bukedi college kachonga as the Headteacher. I have been a Head teacher Bukedi college Kachonga since 30th march 2014, when Mr. John Gimuguni handed over to me. Prior to that, I had served as a substantive  Head teacher from 1997 fromfrom Aloi senior secondary school Lira to St Charles Lwanga Koboko to Amuria senior secondary school .

The only asset I currently have as Head teacher of Bukedi college is that I enjoy my work immensely! The Glory goes back to God! I also extend my appreciation to the Board of Governors (B.O.G) under the Chairmanship of Dr Juliet Tembe Hirome, The P.T.A Executive, the Teaching and support staff, the students and last but not least the parents. They have all been very supportive.

There are quite a number of challenges that I know do exist which range from: making Bukedi college stay at the top of academic echelons in Uganda, to the rising costs of commodities and the constant threat of arsonists, to mention but a few! I always look forward to each new day! My day starts at 5:00 AM and I walk to all dormitories, enter each and every room to ensure that those who can do the early bird do so and also to ensure that the rhythm and ethos of the school is picked by every student at the beginning each day.

 The school administration, the B.O.G and P.T.A work together to ensure that the school population is kept at acceptable levels. The facilities at Bukedi college were put up to cater for 700 students. To date the school population is 300 students I would like to assure the alumnae that we need your children back to this great school with great facilities and a spacious and serene environment for learning.


The foundation upon which the school was founded, the Bukedi region is still upheld. One of the 6 core values of the school is  Displine and Hardwork- To live a life according to Ugandan values. Amazingly, there also challenges at this level because currently in Uganda, there are as many schools as there are people in Uganda! Each school comes along with its own philosophy and doctrine. Such schools always target students and would want to lure them into non holistic education by promising them heaven on earth!
I do take this opportunity to extend my appreciation, give a vote of thanks and heartily appreciate the following:

  1. Our former teachers , I am constantly in touch with Mr.vicent Khisa and others. Their advice, and encouragement to me is invaluable!

  2. The Bukedi college Alumni Network (BUCKOSA) who pay full school fees for a student from Senior 1 to 6 For academically gifted students but financially incapacitated.

 I pledge to keep and preserve the brand name: Bukedi college Kachonga. I implore all of you who visit our website to accord
Displine and hard work


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